Is this an emergency?

Red Flags in Children

Red Flags in Children

No guide can be complete.

If you are still worried about your child after reading our website then you should get advice.

This could be telephone advice or a consultation with a doctor or nurse at your surgery. Telephone from 08.00 to 18.30 Mondays to Fridays call 01604 716500

If you need urgent advice outside of these hours then dial 111, or if you feel that it is an emergency you should dial 999 for an ambulance.

The following are signs of possible serious illness:

Your child is drowsy or irritable. (Although children with a temperature are often more sleepy, irritable and lacking interest than usual, they usually improve after treatment with paracetamol and / or Ibuprofen. If they do not improve, or if they are very drowsy indeed, they should see a doctor urgently).

Your child has problems breathing - including rapid breathing and being short of breath or ’working hard’ to breath. (It sometimes looks as though the tissues between the ribs and below the ribs get sucked in each time they breath). Any child who has a lot of difficulty breathing needs to see a doctor urgently.

Cold or discoloured hands or feet with a warm body

Severe arm and/or leg pains (for no obvious reason)

Unusual skin colour (pale, blue or dusky around lips)

High temperature (40 C or higher) (not necessarily a sign of serious infection, but if the temperature does not come down with treatment or your child has other features on this list then you should seek help).

An infant who is not feeding or any child that is showing signs of dehydration